Can you give Tramadol to dogs ?


Yes, you can give Tramadol to dogs with the correct dosage details prescribed by the doctors. Dogs experience painful illness and injuries, necessitating the use of the pain medication Tramadol. The Tramadol like pain reliever is prescribed for dogs only when the drug is considered as the most suitable one for pain relief. Tramadol Tablets can be available in the brand name of Ultram. You can use the same tablets to the dogs as same which humans use but with the proper dosage. As with humans, the use of Tramadol in dogs should be done with the appropriate precautions after consulting with the veterinarian. If administered right, Tramadol can be very useful in managing the illness or recovery of the dog. Ensure with the right dosage ranges because over dose can also be toxic for the dog. Another word of caution is that the Tramadol used by humans may not be suitable for the dog. For instance, people can buy Tramadol and use it in combination with another pain relieving drug that may not be suitable for dogs. So you should always check with the veterinarian for any Tramadol dosage or name brand alterations.
Dogs are quite clever they won’t easily swallow the tablets. It’s better to feed them in their food or let the dog mouth should be held open gently and the Tramadol tablets pushed down the throat so that it has to be swallowed. For faster pain relief, Tramadol injections or IV works best and the veterinarian can administer the pain medication for your dog.
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